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Ready To Earn Free Website Traffic & Advertising When Other People Surf?

Mark Fox here introducing my powerful new website that is based around the concept of working together as part of a team.

No team? No problem!

Inside Traffic Teams you can join an existing team or start your own and benefit from the extra credits you get when anyone from your team surfs and builds your team points.

At the end of each week your Team Points equal credits and they are divided over the (8 people max) members of each team. Team earnings equal to 20% more for your time and maybe even more if your part of one of the top 10 teams of the week.

No longer do you need to surf on your own, Its time to harness the power of other members, even if you dont know them.

Check Out Some Of The Many Key Features You Will Find Inside:

Website Traffic
Awesome Surf Rewards
Dynamic Surfing
Timed Advertising
Banner Adverting
Prize Pages
Weekly Activity Rewards
Residual Credits
PM Marketing
URL Rotator
Team Surfing
Treasure Hunter
Personal Splash Pages
Personal Banners
Prize Box Game
Trophy Hunt
Viral Traffic Games
Emerald Hunter
Daily Surf Codes
Wizard Ratios
CTP Badges
AdOne-Ten Stickers
All Zubees
And So Much More...

Mark Fox
Proud Owner/Admin

Good-Day! Traffic Teams is Awesome!!! Lots of different ways to earn free ads & $. Nice help. I've joined tons of traffic sites over the years & this seems to take the cake!! *Different. **Together is Better!!! John Victorine AKA: DoGooder P.S. Online since 3/99
John Victorine

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